The new Kurá Hulanda owners host an open house for potential tenants

BMG Asset Management BV is proud to announce that on April 7th 2022, 17:30-21:00, we will host a sneak preview for potential tenants at the former Kurá Hulanda resort in Otrobanda. We hope to hear what local entrepreneurs have in store for this historical part of Willemstad, as we have set up an open call to action.

Kurá Hulanda is a hidden gem between the St. Annabaai shoreline and the main roads of Otrobanda. It is pedestrian friendly, which makes it a unique space for leisure, spontaneity and genuine local experiences. BMG Asset Management BV wants to breathe new life into the Otrobanda district. Our slogan is ‘ban bario bèk’ as we open up and diversify the former Kurá Hulanda resort. The space will transform into a place for living and leisure, and it will also contain medium-sized lots for retail and hospitality, cultural venues and office spaces. We will turn Kurá Hulanda back into a real neighborhood, a future city neighborhood for young and old, wild and tame, tourists, digital nomads and locals. The sneak peek of April 7th is not just an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the rebuilding, renovation and remodeling of the property. Our guests will be immersed in creative experiences throughout Kurá Hulanda.

Everyone who has an innovative idea or ready to execute business plan, please let us know by filling in this form: We will allow a maximum number of visitors during the sneak preview. However, the form will stay open until April 18th. So don’t be late!

Mente is supporting BMG Asset Management BV in the development of new concepts such as this sneak preview to find the right mix for this neighborhood. Mente is a start-up funded by the Dutch Stimulus fund of the Creative Industry. It provides BMG Asset Management with a unique opportunity to break from the old patterns of urban development, where all plans are set in stone without consulting the collective intelligence of society at large. The Mente team, consisting of Juan-Carlos Goilo, Joeri Oltheten and Ergün Erkoçu will provide an open-ended design process to the future neighborhood. This means that everyone with a good business plan can potentially be part of Kurá Hulanda. We are looking for entrepreneurs that are able to raise the bar on the Curaçao’s business and cultural menu.

BMG Asset Management BV is made up of three groups of local entrepreneurs: the Bonita group, the Jan Thiel Beach group, and the Infotrans/IT group. Arjen van der Meulen, Berend Doedo Veenhuizen and Lex Hanskamp are the three directors of BMG Asset Management. Zarja Architecture is providing the urban design. Mente will facilitate the selection process and organize kitchen table meetings in the neighborhood to phase-in the most innovative and ambitious concepts to the area.


The history of the Kurá Hulanda quarter begins in 1707 with the granting of parcels on the westside of the St. Anna Bay. On Ser’i Otrobanda the buildings came about quite gradually. The street pattern in this area developed at random because of the lack of town planning.

In the middle of the 19th century the grounds on the hill slowly developed into a residential area. Mansions in neoclassical style emerged from 1875 onward, marking the beginning of the prime of the Kurá Hulanda area. Economic activities increased around the harbor leading to population growth.

In the second half of the 20th century fundamental changes affected the atmosphere in the quarter. Around 1970 the Arubaweg ramp to the Juliana Bridge was built straight across the historic part of Otrobanda, separating Kurá Hulanda from the western part of the neighborhood. Living in the quarter became less attractive and many inhabitants moved elsewhere. The abandoned buildings became a hotbed of drugs and prostitution and in the 1980s there was little left of the once so lively neighborhood.

In 2001 the Kurá Hulanda hotel was founded by Dutch entrepreneur Jacob Gelt. By investing in the area Dekker made sure that numerous historical buildings were saved that would have otherwise been permanently lost.

Now he time has come to turn Kurá Hulanda back into a real Curaçaoan neighborhood. A self-renewable place where past, present and future are intertwined. A place that triggers your senses and enriches your mind and soul. Join us on this adventure. Ban bario bèk!

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